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May 22, 2022
Why did you choose Petaluma to build a Chiropractic Clinic?

Setting up my chiropractic clinic in Petaluma was a couple of years in the making. This video explains why I chose this location.

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September 5, 2021
Stanford's Exam for Knee Pain

In my last post, I posted a video to Oxford University's approach to a knee examination. In this video, we review Stanford's approach. A school a little closer to home: Brought to you by Dr. Brinda Christopher, a Sports Medicine Physician. Start the examination by looking at tests for ligament injury. The anterior drawer test […]

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September 5, 2021
Oxford's Knee Examination

This video shows a systematic approach to a knee examination from start to finish. Brought to you by Oxford Medical Education.

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July 2, 2021
Is your neck pain associated with other symptoms in your body?

A January 2020 paper published in the European Spine Journal wanted to see if there was an association between symptoms throughout your body and muscle and joint dysfunction. If your neck is bothering you, will it bother your whole body? In many ways, it makes sense. To start, your neck is awfully close to your […]

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June 5, 2021
Is neck pain related to movement centers in the brain?

Neck pain, cerebellum, and the effects of a chiropractic adjustment. Most people know that chiropractic adjustments are helpful with neck pain. This is both in the long term and the short term. Chiropractic care also improves neck range of motion. You get adjusted, and your neck moves better. There's an important link between the way […]

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June 2, 2021
Clinical Savant with George DeFranca

What I'm watching this morning: Here are my notes on Gestalt Education’s interview with George DeFranca, a chiropractic physician out of Massachusetts. DeFranca met Len Faye at a seminar in the 1970s or 80s, where he was exposed to a motion palpation seminar. In this he learned a more functional approach to chiropractic vs the […]

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May 27, 2021
Thomas Michaud and running function.

Gestalt Education released a video interview with Thomas Michaud talking about the function of the muscles spindles during locomotion, and the energy storage characteristics of tendons during walking or running. Tendons will stretch 10% during walking or running to help store energy to propel you forward. This makes you a very efficient walker. During leg […]

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May 20, 2021
3 Tips for Pursuing a Career in Nursing

The need for nurses is greater than ever — and if you’ve been thinking of pursuing a nursing career, there’s no better time to do it. Whether you’ve recently graduated from high school or college, or you’re considering a career change after years of working in another industry, these tips from Todd Lloyd, DC will […]

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May 4, 2021
The Simulation Hypothesis and the Rules for Life

I’m really intrigued by this idea of living in a simulation. This idea is that we are controlled by our own computer, and the lives of other people in our lives are controlled by their own computer. And these individual computers are linked together so we can all interact in a giant simulated world. This […]

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March 11, 2021
Here are some of the pain generators in your neck.

The neck has many different moving parts to it. It must be stable to support you, but it must also be flexible enough to help you move through a wide range of motion. Lot's can go wrong. In this video, you will learn from me some of the key pain generators in your neck. In […]

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