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Are your headaches coming from tight muscles in your neck?

Headaches are often caused by tight muscles and joints in your neck. This tightness can cause dull diffuse pain in your neck to radiate to your head, becoming tight and achy. This is far more common than people think. 

If this is you, I want to invite you in for a consultation, examination, and chiropractic treatment to your neck and upper back. Chiropractic treatment to your neck helps relax tight muscles, getting stiff joints to move with less pressure, and improve your neck posture. 

This examination and first treatment offer is only for you if you scanned this page from the QR code on our sidewalk signs. Rather than $$236.69 for your first visit, we are offering your headache screening and treatment for only $59.99. 

If I don't think I can help you, then it's no charge!

Special price for headache patients

Petaluma Chiropractor

Chiropractic is a profession that uses non-drug and non-surgical techniques to restore function and relieve pain. We work with injuries from car accidents and we work with your attorney. 
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