Kinetisense Evaluations

Move Better. Improve Peformance.
Reduce Injury.

KAMS: Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen

Kinetisense used amazing 3D movement technology to measure your performance with certain critical movements. 

These movements guide you toward an understanding where you are too tight, where you might be unstable, and how susceptible you are to injury. 

An evaluation in our office only takes minutes to perform, and this serves as a baseline measurement, a snapshot of your performance potential, and a guide to show you your opportunity for improvement. 

KAMS functional planar mapping

3D Tracking of Functional Planar Mapping

Your KAMS score will measure your:

Functional Planar Mapping will point to dysfunctional areas that show areas of restriction and areas of instability. 

We test these movements with KAMS:

Do You Know Your ACL Injury Risk?

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