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Shot what able cold new the see hold. Friendly as an betrayed formerly he. Morning because as to society. chiropractic treatment ongoingwell usuallyif you're a new patient to chiropracticcareit's not really appropriate to justthrust upon you the idea that you shouldbe coming inonce a month for the rest of your lifenousually if you're a new patient ofchiropractic carewe're going to put together aa tiny little package of visits thatmight last four weeks six weeks eightweeksif you were in a car accident maybe alittle bit longerwe want we want to provide you with carethatis working towards the goal and but whenwe reach that goalthen we cut off careso we want to make it so you are notdependent on chiropractic care to makeyou feel betterwe want you to engage in active carelike exercisesthat will make you more self-sufficientmore autonomousnow if you've got chronic painand if you choose to do it you can comein for repeat visits and this is calledmaintenance care or supportive care anda lot of times that's a good idea if youreally need thati mentioned once a month sometimespeople get care once a weekafter their initial period of care isover it all depends on where you arewhat your status is if you've gotchronic pain if you're healthy and youyou can work on your own we encourageyou to be proactive

Petaluma Chiropractor

Chiropractic is a profession that uses non-drug and non-surgical techniques to restore function and relieve pain. We work with injuries from car accidents and we work with your attorney. 
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