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Shot what able cold new the see hold. Friendly as an betrayed formerly he. Morning because as to society. why is my spine out of position0:02 why is my spine injured how did i get0:04 this way why are my muscles always tight0:07 why is my neck out0:10 well my answer to this with my patients0:12 is always0:13 i don't know0:15 why is your neck always out well it0:17 could be that you have bad habits at0:19 home0:20 bad habits of work0:22 bad ergonomics at work0:24 poor posture0:26 poor posture while using your phone0:28 poor posture while you're sitting on the0:30 couch0:31 could be your pillow0:32 could be your sleeping position at night0:34 are you sleeping on your stomach with0:35 your head turned all night long0:37 if you're are you on your side with too0:39 little pillow or too much pillow is your0:42 spine out of neutral position while you0:44 sleep0:45 so there are many different causes0:48 old injuries did you get into a car0:50 accident0:51 when you were in high school were you0:53 hit from behind but you didn't think it0:54 was a big deal back then0:56 well you could have an incomplete0:57 healing of your neck1:00 so1:01 the there are old injuries1:04 in most people1:06 it's hard to say what caused them in the1:08 first place but if we can find something1:10 that will help balance you out that will1:12 help the muscles relax around the spine1:14 as you continue to make it stronger1:17 that's where we want to be and we might1:19 not even matter1:20 what caused it in the first place as1:22 long as we're taking steps to make it1:24 better and better

Petaluma Chiropractor

Chiropractic is a profession that uses non-drug and non-surgical techniques to restore function and relieve pain. We work with injuries from car accidents and we work with your attorney. 
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